A Flux Inspired Architecture for iOS · [Thinking inside a large box];

A Flux Inspired Architecture for iOS

This year I spoke at 360iDev about “Safer Swift Code with Value Types”. The goal of the talk was to explore an architecture that uses immutable value types for the model layer.

After reviewing an earlier version of this talk with my developer friend Gerald Monaco, who is a big fan of Facebook’s open source technologies (React, Flux, etc.), I decided to take a look at how a Flux-inspired architecture could be applied to an iOS application.

It turns out that the topic is fairly dense for 45 minutes, but I hope you can extract some interesting ideas from the talk! I know of at least one person that did enjoy it.

You can find the slides and the recoding below and the code for this talk is on GitHub.

If you have any I feedback, I’d love to hear it!