Introducing ReSwift · [Thinking inside a large box];

Introducing ReSwift

For the last two months I have been actively working on Swift Flow with the goal of bringing the ideas of the Flux and Redux libraries to Swift developers.

At about the same @ARendtslev started ReduxKit, which had the goal of implementing Redux in Swift. Soon he was joined by @karlbowden who made significant contributions to the project (and provided amazing build and documentation infrastructure for ReduxKit and Swift Flow).

Today we have joined forces under a new name - ReSwift [ri:swɪft]. To put it in Karl’s words:

Swift Flow has adopted the name ReSwift and moved to it’s new home as a nod to it’s Redux roots that remain at it’s core. Going forward, our combined efforts will be focused on ReSwift and surrounding tooling.

The core of ReSwift is close to a 1.0 release, however the exiting stuff is in its infancy. We will be working on declarative routing, time traveling, state persistence & restoration and more.

My hope is that we can provide a viable alternative to MVC by default on iOS by developing a solid core library with great extensions and developer tools.

Either way, it will be a great learning experience for us and everyone involved!

If you’re interested in the core ideas behind ReSwift, you can watch my talk from the SLUG Meetup last December.

In case you missed the link: ReSwift is on GitHub.